13 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019


10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Weekend Practical Sustainability skills workshop

A 2 Day Practical Sustainability Skills Workshop, including how to apply Permaculture design to live well on a small piece of land and little money.

For the first time, Steve Golemboski Byrne from Lackan Cottage Farm, and Claire Templar from Tir na nOg in County Mayo are hosting a two-day weekend workshop to learn and experience first-hand how the principles of Permaculture design can support the development of a low-impact land-based project.

The fully immersive weekend will include:

  • Exploring the setup of a project, including essential knowledge and resilience for our 4 most basic needs: water, shelter, power and food.
  • The practical side of how things work, and the essential art and skill of developing a project on a small budget by using the resources around us, improvising and *diy*ing.
  • Topics covered will include rainwater harvesting and waste water management, introduction to natural building and earth plastering, introduction to sustainable energy production, and perennial food systems and no-dig gardening and feature the creative upcycling and recycling of materials…. And of course compost!
  • Introduction to Permaculture – the ethics, principles, design tools and processes, and key concepts which will support you to ‘permaculture’ your site or project and design your way to ecological abundance.

For this course you have a choice of venues and dates:

13th and 14th April 2019 at Tir na nOg which has been Claire’s home base and Permaculture Project for the last 3 years in County Mayo in the West of Ireland where she’s been busy restoring a historic cottage and abandoned acre and a half of soggy land and exploring self-sufficiency.
The cost of the weekend at Tir na nOg is €100, including a hearty lunch both days and camping onsite. Upgrades to accommodation include a caravan or yurt.
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27th and 28th April 2019 at Lackan Cottage Farm – which has been Steve and his family’s off grid Permaculture Smallholding in Co.Down since 2012 where making use of easily available low cost materials to meet their needs is at the heart of how they live.
The cost of the weekend at Lackan Cottage Farm is £100, including a hearty lunch both days and camping onsite. Upgrades to accommodation include a restored off grid cottage or converted horsebox.
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